08.04.2020 11:56

One new delightful brand we offer this season is Cossac. Behind this brand is Agatka, born and raised in Poland, later moving to Barcelona to complete fashion study at ESDi and then to Istanbul to attend the prestigious Mimar Sinan. After successfully graduating from her fashion education, she moved to London, a city recognised as one of the world’s fashion epicentres. 

Cossac is committed to slow fashion and sustainable design. Transparency, sustainability and social well-being is at the core of their business. Mainstream practices of fast fashion that produces cheap, low-quality and disposable trend items by exploiting workers are rejected. COSSAC exists to offer women design-led conscious fashion to help drive awareness of the negative social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry and make it easy for women to make better choices.  Sustainable fashion that no one wants to buy or wear is 100% wasteful. That’s why Cossac designs clothing that customers actually want to wear. The designs are contemporary with a sassy twist making them relevant to the modern woman. The silhouette celebrates the feminine form but is classic enough so that our garments are worn and cherished beyond the current season.

We made a clean selection of Cossac’s spring collection and believe in this feminine style for this season.

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