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PACKBAGS are hand made by a small team in Amsterdam with focus on modular and circular bags. Build your own, create your personal style by choosing every part yourself!

Crafted from materials selected for their quality, durability, and designed for practical use, PACKBAGS is modular - the construction and its components allow goods to be restyled and accented over time. Pieces from previous editions can be paired effortlessly while maintaining timelessness.
We have learned and borrowed elements from traditional Asian basketmaking. Combining these traditional modular approaches with contemporary Western design gives our products their unique, clean, technical, yet timeless look. Climbing and cycling culture also inform our design ethos in an effort to combine the practical with the stylish in a search for our own language.
The materials originate from the same area as where the products are made, in Amsterdam. Taking care of our surroundings, means taking care of each other. The raw materials, in part recycled, are sourced from manufacturing facilities in The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, and the Czech Republic.

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