Moya Kala

31.05.2020 19:44

Moya Kala is more than a fashionbrand. Moya Kala sees themselves as a movement that stands up for women's dignity. They consciously purchase environmentally friendly materials so that the women in charge in the textile chain do not come into contact with toxic chemicals. Furthermore, they advocate fair wages and good working conditions for their partner production in Bulgaria.

Moya Kala's customers become a part of their vision. By wearing their underwear their self-esteem is strengthened. Their inner beauty makes them appear self-confident and lets them fully enjoy life.

For Moya Kala, sustainability is more than just a superficial advertising slogan. They stand for transparency and are always ready to disclose the production site and suppliers if interested. Please contact Moya Kala if you want to know more or would like to visit the production.

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