Slip Shirt, Rust Intense

The Slip Shirt is more than just another shirt in your wardrobe. This unique piece of jewelry is too beautiful to wear just at home. The beautiful velvety soft fabric pampers your skin and makes you shine. Tight and sexy fit.

Cupro 91% Cupro | 9% Elastane
Cupro is a biodegradable textile fibre. It is made from short cotton seed fibres, which cannot be processed into cotton yarn and would therefore end up in waste. The Japanese company Asahi Kasei has developed a process to produce viscose-like knitwear from the waste product. While for a long time this was only possible with the environmentally harmful use of copper and ammonia, Asahi Kasei is now able to produce the fibre in a more environmentally friendly way and is certified according to Global Recycling Standard. Moya Kala's Italian supplier processes the fibres from Japan into a fabric with a silky yet warm feeling touch.


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