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Light Weight Bra, Deep Dark


This Light Weight Bra is comfortable to wear and convinces with a simple but beautiful design and pleasant materials. The straps can also be crossed. Please note that this is a bralette which does not provide big support and it's more suitable for smaller breasts. Also the circumference is rather tightly calculated.

Material: Polyamide 89% Polyamide (recycled) | 11% Elastane
The recycled polyamide is from Italy. Excess polyamide materials are remelted and can thus be used as post-industrial recycling yarn.

Mesh: 82% Polyamide | 18% Elastane
There is no recycling variant for this mesh yet. Moya Kala therefore purchases it from conventional production in Spain.

Cups Foam Core: 100% Polyurethan | Fabric Cover 100% Polyester


CHF 80.00
inkl. 8,1% MwSt.
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