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Autumn Vibes for you!

Autumn Vibes for you! - Autumn Vibes for you!

Luckily it's not too cold yet but sooner or later we have to cover up with warm items. Some useful and sustainably produced articles, which are ideal companions for this season, complement our range.

Besides our beloved designers like Base Range, La PazNorse ProjectsDemyleeEmbassyWon HundredSartoria Vico and many more, we got some new brands on-board.

Welcome Castart, our new menswear brand, Dear Sundays with a colorful range of nail polish, Papu Stories with wonderful prints and Mila Vert for those who are interested in cozy knits made without wool. We would be happy to show them to you on your next visit. For a little taste, take a look online!

As always, we don't have everything online - many styles are only available at our store.

See you soon.

Ooid Store Team

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