A Kind of Guise

12.04.2020 11:54

A Kind of Guise has tripped it down to Ghana and gotten amongst the heaving mass of colour and movement that is the Kumasi market for inspiration for their Spring/Summer 2020 collection: Kejetia Kumasi. Packed with 11,000 stalls, mountains of fresh pro- duce, kilometres of bold and bright Ghanaian prints, handmade jewellery and a parade of resplendently and impeccably tailored dandies; it is truly a feast for the eyes.

Taking spirit from this hive of sight and sound, A Kind Of Guise has created a collection completed with summer dresses, new classy trousers and various products out of seersucker. They have also injected a large chunk of Ghanian vodun vibes into their SS20 signature pattern.

Stay Classy!

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